Opening Day for Don Ross Middle School:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back-to-School Information 

Take learning out the door

Welcome Students, Parents, Guardians, Community Members!

In an effort to reduce our eco-footprint, we will be doing as much business as possible electronically.  Please find below key information for your back-to-school preparations.

  • First Day of School – Tuesday, September 6th.
    • Grade 9  8:30am – 11:38am
      • Report to Homeroom (lists will be posted in the MPR)
      • Bring a snack for Nutrition Break
      • Regular bus pick up times in the morning
      • Buses Depart from Don Ross at 11:38am
    • Grade 8 and Grade 7   10:00am – 1:36pm
      • Report to Homeroom (lists will be posted in the Multipurpose Room)
      • Bring a lunch
      • Bus pick up in the morning is 90 minutes later than the regularly scheduled pick up times except for students from Upper Squamish, Cheakamus, Klahanie and Britannia who are welcome to ride the earlier bus or make alternate arrangements.
      • Buses depart from Don Ross at 1:36pm
  • Student Timetables – Students will receive timetables on the first day of school.
  • Bus Routes  – Pre-registration is not required.  All Don Ross students will register on the first day of school.  They must know their bus route and bus stop to complete their registration.  Bus routes and schedules are posted on our school website: bus routes  and on our district website:
  • Back to school supplies – School supply lists for each grade are posted here: school supply lists 
  • Supplies for  Art/Drama 8 and Art 9 – sketchbook, drawing pencils, an eraser and sharpener

  • School Fees  – Student fees are collected for the following:

Student Council/Activity Fee $12.00
Lock Fee 8.00
Total Fee Payment $20.00

School Fees can be paid online at   Alternatively fees can also be paid by cash or by a cheque made out to Don Ross Middle School and submitted to Homeroom teachers.

  • Locker assignments and locks –  Locks and lockers are issued on the first day of school. Students must use the lock provided, no outside locks are permitted. Sharing of lockers is not permitted.  Students must take care to keep their combination a secret and double check that their lock is closed before
    they walk away from their locker. If a student loses his/her lock a new one will need to be purchased from the school office.
  • School Calendar–  The 2016-2017 School Year Calendar is posted here: School Year Calendar .   The Event Calendar will be posted under the “News” tab and updated throughout the year.
  • New Students – For students new to School District No. 48, please click here to access the SD48 Student Registration Form.
  • New Vice Principal – Joining our Admin Team this year is Ms. Juanita Coltman, Vice Principal.  Ms. Robin Kirk, Principal and Ms. Karen Saenger, Vice Principal will continue to serve our school community.
  • Parent/Guardian Email– Please contact Ms. Melanie Hurlbert, Clerical Assistant, ( with any changes, deletions, or additions.  In your email, please indicate the name of your child/children.

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