Black History Month Video – Learning from our peers

Students were tasked to reflect on the video produced and presented by Don Ross students for Black History Month.  Specifically, they were asked to reflect on prior knowledge and new learning.  While many students had some understanding of the history and suffering that Black persons endured, many gained new understanding about the meaning of the word “ignorance” and what using the “N” word is all about.

Here is a sample of our student reflections:

I used to Think…

Now I Think…

The N word wasn’t that offensive That it is racist and the worst thin ever.  It is great that the students stood up and said how they feel and reminded us that we are all humans no matter where we are from.
That ignorance was not caring that much about other races That ignorance means lacking knowledge or understanding about anything
That the N word was just used to describe a black person That the N word is a way to mock African Americans and should NEVER be used
That the N word was a rapper word That the N word is really offensive because it has a relation to slavery
That ignorance meant you were an idiot That it means to not know about something (it is not being stupid)
The N word is offensive Changing the word a bit does not make it OK
That the N word was just another way of saying someone with darker skin Was I wrong! The N word is very disrespectful and was used to degrade black people during the time of slavery
That ignorance meant someone who either didn’t listen or purposefully tried to avoid learning Ignorance can mean when someone uses a certain term without really knowing what it means
I use to think that the N word was a really bad word that shouldn’t be used as an insult Now that I know the history behind it, I know it really shouldn’t be used at all
That the N word was something cool to say It is a word of hate and discrimination and I think it’s a word that should never be used again
I listen to music that has that word in it and I would play the music without any thought Now that I see what’s behind it, I am more sensitive about it
All races feel included and are treated the same Sometimes maybe some races, black people, can feel separate by how people treat people
It is really bad using the N word and it can hurt people emotionally Because it is common in Rap songs, I’m aware that the fact that it is in those songs doesn’t give me the right to say it
That it’s a bad word and that rappers shouldn’t use that word either because they are making people feel that its ok to use that word I still have the same opinion but now I have the information to make a rational decision
I thought the N word was just another swear word That the N work could affect people’s wellbeing
That the N word means growing up in the Hood It came from an awful time of slavery
That the word didn’t impact so much The word means much more than you think
That people didn’t really use this word anymore. Ignorance isn’t bliss.  Words can hurt people.  We need to be careful with what we say.  Think before you speak.
That it was terrible. That it couldn’t be stopped.  I knew that the N word was bad Now I think it’s even worse.  But now I think we could stop it in time.  Learning about it helped me to understand better
The N word is horrible with a horrible meaning I still do not like people who say the N word in any form
That word is about slavery and stuff The video explained to me a more detailed explanation about the use of the N word
It was another word for black which is offensive It has origins in slavery, that people suffered and it was usually the last word they heard before a cruel death
That it was always very bad I have been noticing a rise in the N word especially in rapp music and that worries me
I know how it feels to be bullied about my skin colour…and how hurtful that word is

Any type of racism to anyone is a horrible thing.  I want kids to understand this…and I just want everyone to get along

Ignorance means having little knowledge of something

Ignorance isn’t bliss

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