We Scare Hunger – A Huge Success

We raised $201.40 and collected over 430 items for the Squamish Food Bank.  Great job Don Ross!

Here are the Colour Team standings for the Food Drive:

1st – Yellow – 147 items                                                          3rd – Green – 99 items

2nd – Red – 129 items                                                             4th – Blue – 57 items

Special thank you to:

  • Ms. Sherlock and Ms. Keyes  for helping us with the Haunted House,
  • Ms. Erskine for making the Balloon Animals,
  • Coastal Ford Squamish for picking up and delivering the items to the Food Band,
  • Student Artists who offered Face Painting,
  • All staff and students who contributed and/or wore a costume.  You made it a fun day!
  • Our custodial staff whose brooms we used for clean up!
  • Our student leaders who made a difference to the lives of others through the We Scare Hunger projects.

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