1. The Connect Parent group is a very effective group for Parents of teens (13-17 years).  It is a 10 week commitment, and a closed group.  The group is based on 9 attachment principles and will encourage parents to take a new perspective on their teen’s behaviour and offer new skills to try in negotiating conflict and building their relationship with their teen.  This group is psycho-educational, however does ask parents to look at their parenting and the ways they were parented.  It is open to parents or key caregivers of youth.  The group has been created for families in which there is conflict between the teen and parent.   The Group will be offered April 9-June 11, 530-7pm.  Light snacks are provided.  Parents interested, please call 604-892-1400, ext 1.  There is a pre-interview prior to group inclusion.

Connect Parent Group Information

2.  ADHD Parent Education Group  will be offered April 16 – May 14, 10-11:30am.  This is a psycho-educational group for parents on ADHD – what is it?, What does it look like?, how to parent ADHD, navigating school with ADHD, treatment options.  Please email to join the group Ratna.Das@gov.bc.ca, or call 604-892-1400, ext 1.




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