In the Know Parent Session on Substance Use

The next “In the Know” session will be Monday, May 27th from 6-8pm @ Squamish Public Library
TitleSubstance Use – Relationship over Responsibility

Description: Being a parent of a young person with substances use challenges is hard. What do I do? what can I say? how can I make them stop? These are all things that many parents ask themselves. This ItK is a facilitated discussion to help share some practical ways to move through the challenges. 

Presenters: Judith Bertholm, Mother with lived experience; Dan Reist, Grandfather, Father, Associate Director, CISUR; Keli Anderson, President/CEO of FamilySmart, Moderator
The next Parent Support Group will be Thursday, June 13th from 7:00-8:30pm @Brew Pub ~ upstairs in the map room.

Second Annual DRM Arts Show @ Brackendale Art Gallery

Everyone is welcome to attend this incredible showcase of student talent – May 15th at the BAG!

Students: All art forms welcomebring submissions to Mrs. Sherlock in the library!

 poetryreadings  paintings  photography  drawings  sculptures  arts-integrated projects  drama performances  literary arts  songs instrumental pieces  dance  etc…