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Teacher Contact and Websites

Staff Email Ext. Teacher Websites
Mr. Hartling 123
Ms. Place  124
Office Staff
Ms. Paquette 101
Ms. Hurlbert 100
Mr. Thomson


Julie Petrynko

Ms. Sherlock 151
Teaching Staff
Ms. Allen 252
Ms. Barjaktarovic 210
Mr. Biln 249 Mr Biln’s Web Pages
Mr. Borchert  129 Mr. Borchert’s Website
Ms. Cargoe 216  Ms. Cargoe’s Webpage
Mr. Carter 218
Ms. Le
Ms. Sobieniak 134  Ms. Sobieniak’s Blog  Ms. Sobieniak’s Marks
Mr. Day 102
Ms. Hughes
Ms. Erskine 124
Mr. Gendron 218 Mr. Gendron’s Website
Mr. Guerin 247 Mr. Guerin’s Website
Mr. Hartling
Ms. Heisterman 117 Ms. Heisterman’s Website
Ms. Hilton 231   Ms. Hilton’s Website
Ms. Hoskin 222 Ms. Hoskin’s Website
Ms. Jensen 148 Ms. Jensen’s Page
Ms. Keyes 112  Ms. Keyes’ Webpage
Ms. Leevers 102
Ms. Lewis 116
Ms. McIntyre  220
Ms. Robichaud 128
Ms. Rousseau 212 Ms. Rousseau’s Webpage
Mr. Roy 117 Mr. Roy’s Website
Ms. Le qle@sd48.bc.caDON ROSS WEEKLY Sept 16 2017
Mr. Wallin 107  Mr. Wallin’s Webpage
 Ms. Wick  223







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