Lesson: Coordinate System (Latitude & Longitude)

Lesson: Day 1 Activity

Welcome to OE8 rotation course! Today’s lesson will help you understand a little more about what we will be doing in this class, help you get to know your classmates better, and start developing your leadership and team skills with a few activities.
Lessons Worksheet

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Lesson: Leaders that Inspire
In this activity, you will choose a person that you feel represents the qualities of a leader, and create a short biography using Microsoft Word. You will learn presentation skills useful for many types of projects in other classes.
Lesson: Ecological Footprint/The Human FootPrint
Ecological Footprint Lesson Journal Sheet
Online Activity (Footprintnetwork.org)
The Human Footprint Journal Sheet
The Human Footprint (YouTube Movie Part 1)

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Lesson:Personality Type
This lesson, you will learn a little bit about your personality, as it measures on one type of personality test.
Personality Type Journal Sheet
Take The Survey!
Read about your personality type here.
Lesson: Final Evaluation
Final Evaluation Journal Sheet