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Art Show Tomorrow Night!

Band Class goes to DJ school!

Ms. Jensen’s band class got to go to TableTutors to learn how to create their own innovative music through mixing, scratch and producing electronic music

Don Ross Housing & Transportation Project

DRMS Housing Project in the Chief

Congratulations to Ms. Erskine’s & Ms. McIntyre’s Gr 7 Classes who were featured this week for their Housing & Transportation Projects!

Four Phases of Mitosis

Science 9 students use play doh to create the 4 phases of mitosis. Various colours help to differentiate parts of the nucleus. Individual creations aid in learning the phases of asexual cell division.

Indoor Track Meet 2018

What an incredible day – congratulations to all of the colour teams – all of the students who competed with integrity & staff who supported their teams to the very last second! Congratulations to the yellow team who won by 4 points!! Thank you to the organizers and visionaries!

“In the Know” Family Information and Networking Sessions


A poster is attached above (click the link) for the “In the Know” education and networking sessions. The upcoming topic will be “Collaborative Problem Solving” by Dr. Ross Greene. This is an excellent webinar for parents who encounter challenging behaviour in their children. Dr. Greene also addresses challenges with ADHD. Feel free to share with your staff and families that might be interested in the topic.
A friendly reminder, “In the Know” sessions are for caregivers and parents caring for child/youth with mental health challenges.

Vancouver Theatre Sports

Taz and Sarah Dawn from Vancouver Theatre Sports came to present an amazing show entitled “Made in Canada!” Many of our students (and Mr. Guerin as well) volunteered to be a part of this hilarious show making sound affects, being arms, and sharing their injury stories! Check them out online or on Instagram for info on all their new shows!

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