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Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

November 30th – 4:30pm to 7:45pm

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In remembrance

In Remembrance…

In Gratitude of Silence

By: Debbie Holick

Silent now the soldiers sleep, their tales long laid to rest.
I knew them not yet still I weep and place a poppy o’er my breast.

They were husbands, brothers, fathers, sons; so valiantly they fought.
On shores stained red, on hands and knees; it was our freedom that they sought.

Courageously they stood their ground but freedom carries a cost.
Thousands of men were wounded and countless lives were lost.

So in gratitude of silence and all those who have served,
sleep now, you have earned it. Your peace is well deserved.

A Visit to the Trenches

Students draw on this experiential field trip to reflect on the difficult times and the sacrifices that soldiers made for Canada and peace in the world. Back in the classroom, students are understanding the dramatic impact World War I and all conflicts have on the mental well-being of all those involved in war.

We Scare Hunger

We Scare Hunger – A Huge Success

We raised $201.40 and collected over 430 items for the Squamish Food Bank.  Great job Don Ross!

Here are the Colour Team standings for the Food Drive:

1st – Yellow – 147 items                                                          3rd – Green – 99 items

2nd – Red – 129 items                                                             4th – Blue – 57 items

Special thank you to:

  • Ms. Sherlock and Ms. Keyes  for helping us with the Haunted House,
  • Ms. Erskine for making the Balloon Animals,
  • Coastal Ford Squamish for picking up and delivering the items to the Food Band,
  • Student Artists who offered Face Painting,
  • All staff and students who contributed and/or wore a costume.  You made it a fun day!
  • Our custodial staff whose brooms we used for clean up!
  • Our student leaders who made a difference to the lives of others through the We Scare Hunger projects.


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Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day

  • Working towards Reconciliation

  • Honouring Residential School Suvivors

  • Imagining a better future

  • Learning from our elders

  • Deepening our knowledge of past wrongs

  • Listening with our hearts

  • Opening our minds

Orange Shirt Day is “an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come”. Thanks to our special guests DRMS did just that. Big Thanks to some of our Squamish Nation Elders: Joyce, Charlene, Anthony, Virginia and Cynthia for collaborating with our new VP Ms. Place, on a passionate and heartfelt presentation for our students. Thanks also to our own DRMS students Jocelyn, Ben and Bronson for your courage and willingness to take on such an important leadership role on this important day.

Ms. Kirk, Principal

Don Ross Middle School

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