Chapter 6 – Under Construction

Chapter Section Video Description Notes
Ch 6.1   Multiplying fractions  Multiplying a Fraction and a Whole Number  8_6-18_6-1B
Ch 6.2  Dividing mixed numbers  Dividing a Fraction by a Whole number  8_6-2
Ch 6.3  Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers Multiplying Proper Fractions  8_6-3
Ch 6.4  Multiplying Mixed Numbers by Improper Fractions  Multiplying Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers  8_6-4
 Ch 6.5  Divide Mixed Numbers and Fractions, Dividing Mixed numbers  Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers  8_6-5, 8_6-5B
Ch 6.6 Order of Operations with Fractions Applying Fraction Operations  8_6-6
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