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Ma8 – Ch8

Chapter 8 – Under Construction

Chapter Section Video Description Worksheets / Assignments
review 1 Adding Negative Numbers  Adding Integers  8_8-intro & 8_8-introB
review 2 Subtracting Integers  Subtracting Integers  8_8-introC
 Ch 8.1 Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers

Why a Negative x a Negative = Positive

– x – = + (Why it makes sense!)

 Exploring Integers  8_8-18_8-1b
 Ch 8.2 Multiplying Integers  Multiplying Integers  8_8-2
 Ch 8.3 Dividing Positive and Negative Numbers  Exploring Integer Division  8_8-3
 Ch 8.4 Multiplying and Dividing Integers  Dividing Integers  8_8-4
 Ch 8.5    Applying Integer Operations  8_8-5

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