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Exploratory Program

The Exploratory program provides students with an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of classes in the Arts and Applied Design, Skills and Technologies.  Learning within these realms makes for a more well rounded middle school student and gives the student a chance to develop a passion that may be further explored when choosing electives in Grade 9 and later in high school.  While our class offerings vary from year to year, but, we typically include:

  • Trades Technology (Woodwork, Metalwork)
  • Home Economics (Food Science, Textiles)
  • Arts Education (Visual Art, Drama, Music)
  • First Nations Language and Culture
  • Information Technology (Coding, Robotics, Computer Aided Design, Media Arts)
  • Leadership
  • Year Book
  • Outdoor Education
  • Peer Tutoring.  Our peer tutors are students who can effectively lead small groups of younger students with enthusiasm and confidence.


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