Grade 8 IT Illustrator Examples

Graphic Design at Don Ross

Board-design-Ethan-L  board-design---michaela-h  skis-JoshC
 Snowboards-Martin  Surf-Board-Gagan-S  surfboards-SamanthaH

What is board design?

Board Design is a Graphic Design Project where you, the student are required to design graphics for your skis, snowboard, surfboard, etc.  Then create a mock company and company name.  Design a logo for the company for your target market.  

In Adobe Illustrator we learn how to use clipping masks, manipulate text and anchors.  We need to play close attention to colours and cutting edge design if we want to be able to sell to our target market.  

Jaxon:  Grade 9 IT Peer Tutor


Grade 7 IT Adobe Illustrator: “Face” Assignment

 FACE-DESIGN-GEORGIA.P  face-design-Jocelyn face-design-Jassica

What is the Face assignment?

Students were required to create a face using specific tools on Adobe Illustrator. They learned how to use a clipping mask, for the eyes and different brushes for the eyelashes, eyebrows and in some cases, for the hair. Most importantly they learned how to use the gradient mesh tool to add shading beneath the eyes and mouth. The gradient mesh tool is also used to add a shine to the lips. 

Montana: Grade 8, IT Peer Tutor

Grade 7 Block 2 IT Adobe Illustrator: “Pig On The Page” Assignment

 Pig-Bella-F FlashPig-JaskaranMalhi  pig-andrew

What is “Pig On A Page?”

Pig On A Page is an assignment based around making a pig version of a creature, a character/person, or really just anything that they can think inside the world of school appropriateness. In this assignment they practice using previously learned skills, such as using the pen and ellipse tools; they also learn new skills, such as tracing on a locked layer, and how to import and view images in illustrator.

Elijah: Grade 8, IT Peer Tutor

Grade 7 IT Block 1 Illustrator Work – Name Design

Name design Jake H name-design-$$$MAX$$$ What is Name Design?
Name Design is an assignment in which you get to make a cool-looking poster with your name in the middle.
 name-design-penny  name-design-sam-watson  What they learned.

The students learned the basics of using vector draw program Adobe Illustrator, including adding symbols, using photo order, manipulating anchors, and more.

Written by Brennan Plumb, Grade 8 IT Peer Tutor

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Christmas Band Concert

Christmas Band Concert

Check out our Christmas Concert Videos – Merry Christmas!

Grade 8 Advanced Band Grade 7 Advanced Band Grade 9 Band
 Christmas Rock  Pegassus  Swingin the Blues
 Chronicles  Black Forest  Cedar Valley March
 Ten Masters in Two Minutes  Guantanamera  The Muppet Show Theme
 Jazz Jubilee  Deck The Halls  The Best Of Queen
 It’s A Small World  Golden Dragon Overture  The Polar Express
 Largo and Finale  Doo Wah Diddy  
 Sway  Stone Age Stomp  

Indoor Track Meet 2015


Indoor Track Meet 2015


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